The best longest lasting paint you can use to protect and beautify
your house.
Muralo Ultimate is formulated with an advanced 100%
acrylic resin emulsion to produce increased film build for improved
one coat hiding, grain crack resistance, and long term exterior
durability. It offers all the advantages of an acrylic latex such as
tenacious adhesion to any new or properly prepared old weathered
surfaces, resistance to cracking and peeling, excellent color
retention, outstanding alkali resistance especially important for
painting new masonry, ease of application and water clean up. It
goes on smoother and dries fast to an attractive protective finish that
lasts for years.

  • Exterior 100% Acrylic Latex Flat,Low Lustre,Mid Gloss Finish
  • Available in White/Bases & 8 Colors
  • Great Adhesion
  • Resistant to Cracking & Peeling
  • Outstanding Alkali Resistance
Muralo Ultimate Premium Exterior
A 100% acrylic latex house & trim paint designed for
application to a wide variety of exterior surfaces such as
wood, hardboard, vinyl and aluminum siding, shingles,
unglazed brick, concrete, stucco, cinder block and primed

  • A premium-quality 100% acrylic latex flat, low lustre,
    & soft gloss finish
  • Provides a breathable surface for maximum durability
  • Low temperature application down to 4.4° C (40° F)
  • Resistant to peeling and cracking
  • Excellent color retention
  • Blister resistant
  • Excellent hiding
  • Resists new mildew formation
  • Fast, simple cleanup with soapy water
  • 25-year warranty
Ben 100% Acrylic Exterior House Paint
Regal Select Exterior Waterborne Paint
Regal Select Exterior is a premium waterborne acrylic paint. It
delivers the classic application and superior performance you
expect from the Regal name for your exterior jobs.


  • High-build formula for a durable, long-lasting coating
  • Excellent flow and leveling for easy application
  • Outstanding durability and adhesion
  • Resistant to fading, cracking and peeling
  • Mildew and stain resistant
  • Fast Drying
  • Low temperature application
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Self-priming

Sun-Proof Exterior Latex provides excellent durability from
it's 100% acrylic latex formula.

  • Durable, tough finish
  • Thick, full-bodied application
  • Provides mildew resistant coating
  • Can be applied down to 35°F (2°C)
  • Soap & water clean-up
  • Meets MPI categories
Sun Proof Premium Exterior House Paint
California 2010 House Paint
2010 House Paint is self-priming over many new and
previously painted surfaces. Specific primers are
recommended for many new wood surfaces. 2010 represents
the latest in acrylic technology with superior hiding and
application characteristics. Offers a trouble free, long lasting
finish when applied over properly prepared primed surfaces.

Recommended Use: Clapboards, shingles, shakes, trim,
plywood, alum./vinyl siding, stucco, masonry, brick, asbestos
siding, galv. metal.

       Innovative acrylic technology
       Unsurpassed performance
       One coat hiding
       Stain resistance
       Exceptional color retention
Available in all bases:  Velvet Flat, Eggshell & Satin Gloss