Cabot Stain
Since 1877, Cabot has been fully committed to developing premium quality stains and finishes.

Today, Cabot manufactures the industry's broadest line of quality interior and exterior wood stains
and surface preparation products for both residential and commercial applications.

There history and commitment to excellence shows why no one does a better job of protecting wood
and preserving its beauty. Made using only the finest-grade oils and pigments, you’ll find heritage,
pride and commitment in every can.
Sikkens has an outstanding reputation for its range of professional coating systems.  
First-class research and development ensures that Sikkens continues to lead the way,
maintaining its position at the forefront of new developments.  Sikkens
high-performance woodcare systems are designed to enhance the natural beauty of
Sikkens is totally committed to providing you with the very best in
professional woodcare coatings.

Sikkens products are designed to maximize the beauty and durability of the exterior
conditions and obviously you need to protect the beauty of your home. Sikkens is the
best solution for protecting and beautifying your home.
Pittsburgh Exterior Stains

Sun-Proof® Solid Color Latex Stain provides rich,
opaque color that hides the wood grain while allowing the
wood's texture to show through.

  • One-coat coverage direct to wood
  • Self-priming
  • Application down to 35°F
  • Two-coat tannin blocking
  • Urethane modified
subtle color while allowing wood's natural grain and texture to
  • Unique penetrating acrylic/oil resin
  • Application down to 35°F
  • Apply to damp or dry wood
  • Superior color retention
  • Soap and water clean-up
  • Recommended where a balance between color and
    wood grain is desired
Storm System™ is here to change the exterior finishes landscape forever. Designed to strip away
confusion and replace it with simple language and visual cues we all understand, Storm System makes
choosing exactly the right finish for your job easier than ever. And with each Storm System category
comprised of only best-in-class formulations, you can rest assured no matter what you choose, you will
be getting one of the most beautiful, long-lasting finishes available.
100% Acrylic Stain is formulated to provide a matte
finish, which is often the preferred look for applications
such as window and door trim. Available in a wide range
of custom colors, this stain is manufactured with quality
ingredients and state-of-the-art technology to provide a
long-lasting, freshly stained look. The matte finish is not
recommended for horizontal surfaces.
Acrylic Stain with Enduradeck® Technology

Our Solid Color Acrylic Stain is fortified with exclusive
Enduradeck Technology, which makes surfaces appear to
have a flat color when viewed directly and a soft luster
when viewed at an angle. Available in a wide range of
custom colors, this superior stain is manufactured with
quality ingredients and state-of-the-art technology to
provide a long-lasting, freshly finished look.
Storm Stain