Super Spec HP® High
Performance Maintenance
Benjamin Moore® Super Spec HP® Universal Alkyd Metal Primer
Urethane Alkyd Gloss Enamel M22
This urethane alkyd is superior to conventional alkyds when
applied to surfaces that are intermittently exposed to light
chemical environments. Provides better color and gloss
retention than epoxy esters on exterior exposures. Provides
good abrasion resistance on high traffic floor areas. Designed
for interior or exterior application on metal, wood or concrete
surfaces. Easily applied by brush, roller or various spray
Benjamin Moore® Super Spec HP Clear Acrylic
Sealer (P27)
This acrylic coating features easy application, rapid
dry and is blister, alkali fume and fade resistant.
Suitable for use as a primer/sealer or as a
protective clear coating over low gloss acrylic
coatings. As a sealer on masonry it reduces water
penetration helping to prevent erosion,
efflorescence, chalking, and spalling without
changing the natural appearance.
Latex Block Filler M88
Designed to fill pores, voids, and surface
imperfections of concrete block and other porous
masonry surfaces prior to application of finish coats.
May be top coated with any Benjamin Moore® coating.
May be applied by airless spray, brush or long nap
Acrylic Metal Primer M04
hazard. This product eliminates the need for expensive
hazard. This product eliminates the need for expensive
solvents, and also performs well as a tie coat or barrier coat
solvents, and also performs well as a tie coat or barrier coat
over zinc coated surfaces. This primer can be applied to
damp surfaces, and adheres well to most hard-to-coat
substrates. It can also be applied to poured or cast
concrete and brick.concrete and brick.
Benjamin Moore® Super Spec HP® Polyamide
Epoxy P36
interior & exterior ferrous metal, galvanized metal,
interior & exterior ferrous metal, galvanized metal,
wood, plaster, masonry and drywall surfaces.
Examples include commercial and institutional
walls, ceilings, machinery, piping, cabinets, storage
walls, ceilings, machinery, piping, cabinets, storage
tanks and high traffic floors.tanks and high traffic
Benjamin Moore® Super Spec® Sweep-Up Spray Latex
Flat 153
This fast dry product is designed to provide superior
hiding for one coat work. Acrylic formula retains its
whiteness and light reflective properties. The dry fall
qualities of this product cause the overspray to settle as
a dry powder in approximately 10 feet of fall depending
on air movement, temperature, and humidity. Greatly
reduces clean up costs. May be applied on virtually any
interior wall or ceiling. Requires minimal surface
preparation. Clean up tools immediately after use with
clean water.
220 Latex Fire Retardant Coating M59
A premium quality, decorative, intumescent, fire
retardant paint for interior ceilings, walls, and
trim. 220 Latex Fire Retardant Coating (M59)
provides a high hiding, flat matte finish that is
washable and easy to apply with no unpleasant
This water thinned coating is a film forming material
that chemically converts rust into a black inert
non-corrosive iron complex. This coating provides two
step protection in one application. First, it converts
tightly adherent rust into a non-rusting black film.
Second, it provides corrosion protection against new
rust forming. For maximum performance, product
should be topcoated. If not topcoated, leaching could
occur if exposed to humidity or moisture.
Benjamin Moore® Super Spec HP® D.T.M. (Direct to
Metal) Acrylic Semi-Gloss P29
gloss and color retention. The film is fast drying, permitting
gloss and color retention. The film is fast drying, permitting
fast recoat. Uncoated ferrous metal must receive a
minimum of two coats. This product is also an excellent
finish for masonry, plaster, wallboard and interior wood
  • 2 times stronger than concrete for the toughest
    garage floor
  • One coat gives beautiful semi-gloss finish
  • Durable, high-solids 2-part water-based epoxy
  • No hot tire pickup
  • Low odor
  • Kit comes complete with Bond•Lok Cleaner and
    Color Flakes

Available in tan and gray and 64 tintable colors.  
Customize your finish with choice of Color Flakes

Colors Available:

  • Blue Mix - Blue/Gray/White
  • Tan Mix - Brown/Tan/White
  • Sand Mix - Light Gray/White/Sand
  • Granite Mix - Light Gray/ Dark Gray, White
Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
  • Superior Durability Against Hot Tires,
    Gasoline, Oil, Scuffs, Wear and Tear
  • Water-Based
  • Provides a Clear Semi-Gloss Finish to
    Enhance the Appearance of Any
    Concrete Surface
Premium Clear Epoxy Coatings
A high performance Silicone Alkyd Resin that provides a decorative
enamel finish with excellent long term durability and heat resistance.  
Designed for use with surface temperatures from 450 - 800°F for
continuous service.  Recommended for plants with problem areas
where hot surfaces are exposed to corrosive environments.  
Excellent exterior durability, color and gloss retention.

Not recommended for home use on radiators.

STIX Waterborne Bonding Primer is a premium quality, acrylic /
urethane primer-sealer designed with a unique "Step Change
Technology" that delivers unparalleled adhesion to the most
challenging surfaces,such as........

PVC,  Vinyl, Plastic,  Glass,  Tile,  Glazed Block,  Glossy Paints,       
Pre-Coated Siding, Fiberglass, and Galvanized Metals.

Insl-X RP Series pool paint provides a durable satin finish for use in residential and commercial pools. Suitable for
use in fresh or salt water. Resists fading, fungus, algae, abrasion and alkalis. See Insl-x Swimming Pool Paint
Brochure for complete instructions regarding application.

SUGGESTED USES: Concrete, Gunnite*, Marcite*, Pools *Integrity of marcite or gunnite must be sound and solid.


RP 2723 Ocean Blue,

RP 2719 Aquamarine,

RP 2724 Royal Blue,  

RP2710 White,  

RP2720 Black